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Corolla Blog

It's a beautiful day in Corolla, NC! The waves were perfect and we saw TONS of dolphins playing behind the surfers. High is 84 today with plenty of sunshine. This weekend looks like some rain and cooler temps might be coming in so if you are here, get outside and enjoy it!

Today is another perfect day to be on the Outer Banks! High is 77, low is 64 and water is 71.

As much as I love the Outer Banks in the summer with all the swimming and sun bathing I can stand, there is nowhere better than the beach in October! The humidity (and crowds) has finally left and I can really get outside and enjoy where I live.
Comment with questions you have about the Outer Banks. As a born and raised Outer Banker I'm sure I either know the answer or can find out for you!
I dropped by the Shad St. beach access in Whalehead on my way home from work to give you an evening view of the beach. It's been a cloudy week here but you can't beat the temperatures! My car was reading 77 and there was no humidity.