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Dining in Corolla

The toughest decision you’ll have to make when deciding where to eat in the Outer Banks is choosing which restaurants to leave out! Generations of seasoned travelers have ensured that only the top establishments survive, and because of this, there is no shortage of great dining in Corolla. All but a small percentage of the restaurants are locally owned and operated. Because of this, you won’t get that “been there before” feeling when stepping into one of our local eateries.

Corolla offers a variety of excellent dining options for you to experience while visiting us. From catered feasts to quick and easy deli snacks, you’re sure to enjoy what we’ve got to offer! Looking for something a bit lighter? Savor gourmet cheeses, wines, and pastries from the balcony of your rental. If you don’t plan on using that great kitchen in your vacation rental, check out one of the local restaurants. Offering everything from fresh local seafood to burgers and salads, there is something for everyone here in Corolla!

You’ll immediately notice the prevalence of seafood on our local menus. Why? Because that is what guests and locals alike crave. The area is famous for its fresh fish, crab, clams, shrimp, scallops, oysters, and mussels. You won’t find preformed, months ago frozen fish on your plate in the Outer Banks, our local chefs love to prepare the region’s finest fresh catches!

Not hungry for seafood? You’ll also find fresh regional produce, tasty pastas, and a variety of dishes prepared with the meat of your choice. Whatever you choose to dine on while staying in Corolla, you’re sure to be pleased with the attention to detail that goes into preparing every meal.

Local establishments favor a casual atmosphere, even in the finest restaurants. A polo shirt and khakis or a comfortable sundress are perfectly acceptable, and maybe even a bit formal for some of our restaurants!

Welcome to Community and the Independent Experience™.  Whether you choose to Dine-In, want to make arrangements for Delivery, elect to Take-Out, or require Catering Services, this site will help you select a Locally Owned Restaurant or Caterer that will entice you with unique Menu