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Corolla Wild Horse Tours


Visiting the Outer Banks would not be the same without seeing the famous Outer Banks wild horses. There are a few different stories about how they got to the area and most date back to the 1500s. They are among the earliest settlers in the area, only the local native American tribes have called this unique stretch of North Carolina their home longer. 

Some say that they were left behind from a group of Spanish explorers who left because the locals were not fans of the intrusion. Others believe them to be the survivors of shipwrecks from trade ships that couldn’t navigate the shallow waters. There are other ideas too, but whatever the way, we are so happy they are here. 

Be sure to remember however, that these are wild animals. If you decide to venture off and find some of the wild mustangs do not approach them and maintain a distance of at least 50 feet. A great option is to take a tour with one the local experts, who will know exactly where to take you and make sure there isn’t damage done to their environment.

Below are a couple of our recommended tour companies. Visit their websites or give us a call and we can help pick one and plan the perfect trip.

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