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CCV supports Water's Edge Village School



Corolla Classic Vacations is proud to support the Water’s Edge Village School, the new K-6 charter school in Corolla. Pictured here (from left to right) are: Denise K. Graham, Founder of Corolla Classic Vacations; Kim Kelly, a resident of Corolla; Kim’s son Caleb Kelly who will be in 6th Grade this year; Eddie Kavanaugh, Jr., Founder of Corolla Classic Vacations; Judy Thomason, Caleb’s grandmother; Meghan Agresto, President of the school’s Board of Directors; and Billy Casper, Vice President of Property Management at Corolla Classic Vacations.   Corolla Schoolhouse first opened it's doors in the early 1900's providing an education for the residents of Corolla. After World War II, the population of Corolla rapidly diminished leaving just 2 students who would attend the school. At this point, the  Currituck County School Board decided not to provide a teacher for the school. "The board stated that the parents of the two children in attendance be informed of this.” It was used for various reasons throughout the 1900s and in 1999 was restored to it's original condition. Since then, it's been used as a wild horse museum. But now, the doors will reopen and it will be used for it's original purpose. Local residents have been waiting for this for a long time! Currently, students have to travel up to an hour away for school each day. We at CCV couldn't be more proud to support such as wonderful thing in our community!   Water's Edge Village Schools Mission:

" Water's Edge Village School (WEVS, pronounced "waves") provides a unique education to students on the Northern Outer Banks, an isolated coastal community rich in natural resources and environmentally focused organizations. With the support of a community deeply invested in the success of a local school and grounded in partnerships with children and families, WEVS provides a rigorous, child-centered learning environment. Leadership principles and an academically challenging, integrated, hands-on curriculum empower students by instilling a sense of social and environmental responsibility while nurturing both body and mind."