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Corolla, NC Weather

Weather in Corolla and What to Expect


With temperatures averaging in the mid 80s in the summer and about 200 days of sunshine a year, it doesn’t get much better than the Outer Banks. Both the summers and winters are mild in Corolla, but the area enjoys beautiful seasonal changes throughout the year. 

Although summer months are peak vacation season in Corolla, this is also the time of year when the region sees most of its severe weather. Storms are typically brief and are followed by beautiful blue skies. Since weather changes can be rapid and unpredictable, be sure to check weather conditions when planning your vacation so you have the best experience possible.

NOAA National Hurricane Center Information

Average Corolla Temperatures and Precipitation

January51°F36°F49°F4.7 in
February54°F37°F46°F3.2 in
March60°F43°F42°F4.6 in
April69°F51°F59°F3.1 in
May76°F60°F68°F4.2 in
June83°F68°F74°F4.8 in
July86°F72°F78°F5.3 in
August85°F72°F80°F5.6 in
September81°F67°F77°F4.9 in
October71°F57°F70°F4.1 in
November63°F48°F58°F3.4 in

3.7 in


Corolla Beach Driving and Information

The sunny weather means plenty of beach time—including the unique experience of driving on the beach. If you plan to drive on the beach, make sure you inform yourself of local regulations, especially around permits, speed limits and parking.

For more information, visit Currituck County’s website. For non-emergency assistance, you can also call 252-232-2216.

Hurricanes in Corolla, NC

Hurricanes and approaching severe weather can be alarming, so remaining informed is the best way to prepare and stay safe. We recommend that all visitors sign up for automatic alerts from the Currituck County Emergency Management Department. These alerts are the fastest way to receive updates regarding evacuations or eventual county re-entry following a weather event.

When a hurricane threatens, a Mandatory Evacuation may be issued. A Mandatory Evacuation means you must vacate immediately—you may not stay in your vacation home. Corolla Classic Vacations will abide by the decisions of the Currituck County Emergency Management System. We will attempt to notify all guests when an evacuation has been ordered. However, it is ultimately up to you to stay on top of developments and take responsibility for your family and belongings. Weather is often idyllic just before a storm, but hurricanes can change course quickly and conditions can deteriorate in a matter of hours.

Tips for vacationing during hurricane season:

  • Fill up your car with gas and keep the tank topped off. If an evacuation order is issued, lines at gas stations will become very long. Valuable travel time may be lost waiting in gas lines.

  • Plot your route ahead of time. If you plan to stay in a hotel along the way, consider making reservations just in case. During an evacuation, inland hotels fill up fast.

  • Corolla Classic Vacations may request that you take specific measures to secure your rental property. We appreciate your assistance.

  • Please notify our office once you leave so that our records are accurate. Take all personal belongings with you, because re-entry is not guaranteed. Hang onto your keyless entry code in case you can get back into your home once the evacuation is lifted.


Corolla Classic Vacations’ office will not be staffed until a mandatory evacuation is officially lifted. Monitor local radio stations and follow instructions from local law enforcement officials regarding re-entry to the Outer Banks.

Most of all, please be safe and stay informed. We will do our best to answer any questions that you have. If we are not available, please consult the list below.

Currituck County Emergency Management DepartmentCurrituck Alert

NOAA / National Hurricane Center

The Weather Channel

North Carolina Department of Transportation

Local TV and radio stations will also provide information regarding evacuations.