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Corolla, NC Weather

Current Weather in Corolla and What to Expect


During the popular summer season in Corolla, warm temperatures and ocean breezes combine to create the perfect climate for fun in the sun! With temperatures averaging in the mid 80s in the summer and about 200 days of sunshine a year, it doesn’t get much better than the Outer Banks. Weather changes can be rapid and unpredictable, however, so plan for seasonal changes in weather when visiting.

Both the summers and winters are mild in Corolla, but the area does enjoy beautiful changes in season throughout the year. Although summer months are most popular for vacationing in the area, this is also the time of year that the region sees most of its severe weather. Storms are typically brief, and are followed by beautiful blue skies.

Be sure to check weather conditions when planning your vacation in order to have the best vacation experience possible.

NOAA National Hurricane Center Information

Averages Corolla Temperatures and Precipitation

January51°F36°F49°F4.7 in
February54°F37°F46°F3.2 in
March60°F43°F42°F4.6 in
April69°F51°F59°F3.1 in
May76°F60°F68°F4.2 in
June83°F68°F74°F4.8 in
July86°F72°F78°F5.3 in
August85°F72°F80°F5.6 in
September81°F67°F77°F4.9 in
October71°F57°F70°F4.1 in
November63°F48°F58°F3.4 in
December55°F40°F55°F3.7 in