This Wild Horse Adventure is the most relaxing way to see Wild Horses of Corolla.

Load the crew into our custom safari style trucks with open air seating and take in the views and the salt air as you cruise down the coast and behind the dune line in search of the horses and other native wildlife.

This is a 24 mile round trip searching for the horses and other beach treasures like Fulgarite, Conch Shells, Sting Ray eggs, Welch eggs, and many other things normally overlooked by the untrained eye. 

As with all our tours, you and your guide will drive right to the top of “Penny Hill” which is the second largest “living” sand dune on the east coast!  Here we will stop to take in the view, get pictures and let the kids run wild! This dune is migrating south and has a very steep side that is a highlight to jump down. All our tours offer a lot of narratives on our unique coastal area.

Group rates are availiable for 6 or more adults. Tour Time: 2 Hours

1070 Ocean Trail
Corola, NC 27927
Wild Horse Tours