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More than 80 hand crafted martinis, 20 single malt scotches, a sophisticated winelist and an everchanging assortment of fabulous things to eat are offered.

Tapas is a Spanish dining style unfamiliar to many Americans, in which rather than choosing a meal of someone else's creation one has the freedom to build there own. To this end Metropolis offers more than 50 "small plates" (the literal translation of "tapas"), some lighter, some heavier, some hot, some cold, and from there the fun begins. At Metropolis, on average, 3 plates or "tapas" would constitute a meal. One can order individually, those things he or she finds interesting, but the true beauty of a tapas experience comes in sharing. A couple or a group that is larger best serves themselves in talking about all the things that sound tasty and then ordering and eating family style or communally. In that way a member of a group of 6 would get to try almost 20 different things.

Come and see what so many people are talking about. Metropolis...just like in "the city"...but better!!!

520K Old Stoney Road
Corolla, NC 27927