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15th Annual Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival - Nov. 8-13, 2011


A Celebration of Wildlife & Wildlands in Eastern North Carolina

For information email us at or call 252-216-WING(9464)

Video Release: The "My Heart Will Always Be In Carolina" TV program that featured Wings Over Water and The Purple Martin Roost is now available to view online: \"My heart will always be in North Carolina\" Dare, Currituck, Tyrell and Hyde counties boast a diverse and fascinating array of wildlife to view and waterways to paddle.

In addition to a wealth of marine life, Eastern North Carolina is home to black bears, alligators, red wolves, deer and hundreds of species of birds. The waterways invite kayakers and canoeists to glide through the back waters, the sounds and even the ocean. And natural history attractions draw both young and old who want to know more about the place where the first English settlements were born. Year round, there are nature programs offered by state and federal agencies, as well as nonprofits. Annually in November, all the stops are pulled out for folks who come from across the country to participate in the Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival. The six day event celebrates the natural wonders of the area and offers many opportunities to explore and discover the richness of the region's environment. Participants, for a modest cost, can select from such varied experiences as:

  • Venturing into areas with combined bird lists of nearly 400 species.
  • Learning from experts how to shoot photographs that capture the unique beauty of the region.
  • Traveling to historic landmarks like the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station.
  • Visiting North Pond on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on Hatteras Island, the hottest spot for fall birding in North Carolina - or even visit South Pond which is usually closed to visitors.
  • Taking a ferry to the pirate Blackbeard's hang-out on Ocracoke Island to enjoy the quaint fishing village and check out the birds.
  • Paddling the backwaters of the area or four-wheeling the area north of Corolla.
  • Visiting the ancient maritime forest of Kitty Hawk Woods for a look at this rare ecosystem.
  • Venturing into Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge at night in search of bear and other wildlife.
  • Absorbing the waterways' natural beauty during a sunrise or sunset kayak tour.
  • Wading in search of Clapper Rails, marsh sparrows and wrens at Oregon Inlet.
  • Exploring a Ghost Town on Portsmouth Island.
  • Experiencing a Red Wolf Howling where the nearly extinct animal is now fighting its way back.
  • And many other wild experiences......