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2013 Photo Contest Winners


We had an amazing turn out for our 2013 Photo Contest with roughly 800 entries!  I can’t even tell you how many pictures that I LOVED! It was great to see what others were doing on their Northern Outer Banks beach vacation. It made me forget that I was stuck in the office while you all were having a blast on your family vacations! Thank you for that!

This year, we changed things up and added a 4th winner and opened the contest up to anyone vacationing in Corolla,NC.

Below, I have listed the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners. We are choosing our 4th Place winner on Facebook. Head over to our Facebook page and “LIKE” your favorite picture to help us choose the 2013 Fan Favorite!

3rd Place Winner-  Dog Days of Vacation by Garret Ward  “To me, this picture shows the true meaning of vacation. Lily fell asleep on the only chair that was in the shade.  Apparently she needed a break from all the sun.  When we noticed her we knew this had contest potential.  I jumped out of the pool as quickly as possible to dry my hands and get the shot.  I took the shot, then as fast as I got out of the pool, I jumped back in and returned to relaxation mode.”

Garret has won an iPad!

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2nd Place Winner- Sunset by the Bay by JoAnna Koveal “”I am honored to win second place! I enjoyed participating in the contest very much and think that it’s a great activity for vacationers! Keep it up! ”

JoAnna has won a three night stay in one of our Corolla Bay Villas!

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1st Place Winner- Corolla’s Summer Storm by Wanda Guion “Thank you so much for choosing my picture, Summer Storm, as the first place winning photo. And thank you for an amazing vacation in Corolla. My favorite day of the week was when I was off alone, wandering around the village in the drizzling rain taking many pictures of the beautiful and historic scenery of that area. Can’t wait to do it again! I’m coming to Corolla! Whoop! Whoop! (happy dance!)  ”

Wanda has won a week vacation in one of our Corolla Bay Villas

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