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Ask Me Monday: Recap


Every Monday I invite our social media fans to ask me questions about The Outer Banks. If I can't figure out the answer, then I will send the poster a CCV treat. I love interacting with people on the web so this is the perfect way to make people feel like they can "talk" to me. It also gives me insight into what people are wondering about The Outer Banks of NC or Corolla. Because I grew up here, I sometime forget that it's not second nature to everyone else. Today I am going to post some of my favorite questions and some of the ones that have stumped me. (Yes, there have been a couple!) From Deborah: "We've got a house rent in Corolla in June there ever concerts or anything exciting going on then..our rental is first week in June" The Whalehead Club offers weekly events including concerts and a wine tasting each summer. It's  a great place for families or for the adults to get away! Bobbie: "When are the Seafood Festivals held? would like to visit during one." The Outer Banks Seafood Festival had it's inaugural event this past October. The next  one is scheduled for October 19,2013 Jen: "Hi! My family and I are thinking of spending Thanksgiving in Corolla next year. Can you tell me a little about what to expect that time of year in that area? Thanks!!" I think it's a great idea to spend Thanksgiving in Corolla! I love having everyone in one place. The weather here is great...sometimes as warm at 70 but normally around 50. Most of the stores and restaurants are still open in Corolla and Duck, which is close, has a lot of open shops as well. There isn't any traffic and the beach is wide open! Jeff: "what is the yearly average of beach erosion in the Nags Head area?"  The coast of Nags Head is eroding at an average rate of 2 ft/year according to the Town of Nags Head website. The erosion rate of the coastline of NC changes yearly depending on many of variable including storms. Sara:"We have always stayed in Corolla. What is the biggest differences between Corolla and staying further South say in Hatteras or the Rodanthe?" Staying in Corolla is similar to staying in Hatteras and Rodanthe because of the remoteness. Corolla is less remote than the southern beaches and it does have more options when it comes to shopping and dining out.   Here are a couple that stumped me: Jackie: "what is the captains parrots name on the first ship that sunk off of the outerbank that is recorded" Deb: "When & what was the highest amount of snowfall ever recorded on OBX??"  If you have a questions, make sure you log onto Facebook next Monday to ask me! We are also on Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram!