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Ask Me Monday Recap


Every Monday on our Facebook page, I host Ask Me Monday where I invite our fans to ask me questions about the Outer Banks. These questions vary from the super silly to really intriguing.  In the last few weeks I have be inspired to write a few blog posted based on the questions I received. Check them out here: The Lost Colony The Wright Brothers  The Graveyard of the Atlantic  This week I had a couple of great questions that I want to feature today.    

From Kelly:  "What part did the Midgett family have in the history of OBX?" I thought this was going to be a stumper this week. The Midgett family is a well known name on the Outer Banks. I went to school with several from the family in fact. But I didn't realize that they had historical ties to the area. After a bit a research, I found that Rasmus Midgett is known for rescuing 10 men from the sinking Priscilla in 1899 all on his own!  

Celeste asked me: "What delicious treat washed ashore a few years back on Hatteras Island?" Again, this one got me for a minute. I thought Celeste was trying to trick me but after a short search, I found out that in 2006 a large (tractor-trailor sized!) container was found floating in the ocean off the coast of Hatteras Island. The captain of the ship that found it, broke into the container and found it was filled with Doritos! The container and the Doritos washed onto shore and residents helped themselves to the loot!  

And my favorite for this week is from Scott: "My parents rented their first cottages in '68 or '69 at the end of Sound Side road behind Jockeys Ridge. Can you guess the weekly rent ?" After asking the founders of our company, Eddie and Denise  and not getting many leads (they both came to the Outer Banks in the 80s), I made a guess of $500. Boy was I wrong. Scott informed me that they paid $75! He also told me that there was only one convince store open and visitors had to basically bring everything they needed with them.