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Enjoy Your View: December 3, 2012


                  Today is a gorgeous day in Corolla,NC! Not only is the temperature  on the Outer Banks expected to reach as high as 70, but there are tons of shells washed up along the shore. I think it's the universes way of telling us to slow down and take a minute to enjoy the beauty around us. Normally, I dash out of my car and run up to the beach access and quickly stop to snap the morning picture. Today, I couldn't do that.  I took that sign from the universe and I walked down to the beach. Just those few extra minutes won't really change how much I get done at work but they did change how I taking on the whole day. It was great to have a few minutes to breath in the salt air and watch the beauty of it all. I hope you can take a few minutes today and escape like I did!