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Enjoy Your View: November 13, 2012


When I took this picture, it was 65 degrees. About 30 minutes later it had already dropped to 54! Pretty safe to say that cold front is moving through the Outer Banks, NC!   That isn't stopping the people from strapping on their wadders and enjoying a little surf fishing!

It looks like this weather might be with us for a few days. In fact, my weather app is predicting rain and temps in the low 50s in Corolla, NC for the next week.  I need a "dislike" button for that forecast!

I've got my fingers crossed for our Thanksgiving guests in hopes that the weather will clear in time for a beautiful Thanksgiving day on the beach!


By the way, it's not too late to book a home for either the week of Thanksgiving or a 3 night short stay! It's a great way to get everyone together and celebrate all the reasons for being thankful.