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Enjoy Your View: October 17, 2012


Enjoy Your View: October 17,1012   Even though the sun isn't completely out from behind the clouds, today is a great day to be in Corolla, NC.  The high is 69 and the low is 54. Currently it is about 61. According to Corolla Surf Shop,  the water is 66.  We have some pretty sizeable waves too. I don't think it's the best day for surfing but it makes for a great soundmaker! Today is the kind of day where I want to grab a book and park it in a rocker on an oceanfront deck. Kind of like the one at At Last.

Corolla Classic Vacations At Last

    This weekend looks beautiful. The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is around 70 with plenty of sunshine. If you can make it, click here to view our homes that offer short stay vacations.