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Enjoy Your View: October 18, 2012


I did things a little different today by giving you a view of the sunrise instead of the normal view of the beach during the mid-morning to afternoon. Not only do I have a beautiful sunrise shot to show you, but I also recorded 3 minutes of the sunrise from just before it broke the skyline to when it was fully out. The Outer Banks is widely knows for it's beauty. While the beach get most of the credit, the sunsets and sunrises are absolutely spectacular. I am lucky to see sunsets almost daily either on my drive home from work or while I am cleaning up from dinner at my house. Sunrises are harder for me to catch. Any other parent probably has the same morning routine as me which is basically pure craziness! Now that my second son is getting a little more scheduled with his sleep (he's 6 months), I am finding some time to go for a short jog in the mornings. This is allowing me a chance to see the sunrise. This morning, I planned to just run by and take a snap shot but it was so beautiful that I made myself sit down and watch. And if I get to see something this beautiful, of course I wanted to share it with all of the Outer Banks lovers out in cyber world! Thank goodness for my iPhone, I was able to capture something that many people don't get to see. No high-rise buildings or rooftops are blocking this view! It felt so good to take just 5 extra minutes for myself today. Now it's your turn! Shut your office door, tell the kids to go play in their rooms for a minute, or turn off your afternoon talk show and Enjoy The View!   File Pk7PePr33r8