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Foodie Friday: Bacchus Wine and Cheese


Today's Foodie Friday is featuring Bacchus Wine and Cheese. Bacchus has always been a favorite in our office. We love to order sandwiches from them during the summer and we miss them terribly when they are closed during the winter. This year, we heard that they were opening their doors with new owners. I have to admit, I was a little worried. I loved Bacchus and didn't want anything to change. Well, I can assure you, they have only gotten better! My lunch consisted of my all time favorite sandwich, The Currituck Club, a cheese platter and a glass of red wine. The Currituck Club is a turkey, lacy swiss, cucumbers and apple butter on your choice of bread. Corolla Classic Vacations Bacchus Foodie Friday   The cheese patter was amazing! I had three cheeses to choose from with crackers, olives and peppers. I am not a big cheese eater but I couldn't help but enjoy everything and the wine was a perfect compliment! Corolla Classic Vacations Foodie Friday Bacchus   Bacchus has always been a breakfast and lunch time deli, but starting next week, they will be opening late to serve wine, craft beers and cheese and hummus. This will be a great place to go for an after dinner drink or to have some intimate time during your family vacation! I can't wait to stop by on my way home from work and relax.   In addition to their wine, sandwiches and cheeses, Bacchus offers gift baskets, desserts and you can even order dinner to prepare at home. They have a variety of hand-cut steaks, pork tenderloin, lasagna chicken Cordon Bleu and more! Corolla Classic Vacations Foodie Friday Bacchus     Corolla Classic Vacations Foodie Friday Bacchus                   Check out more pictures of my lunch at Bacchus on our Facebook Page.    Also, browse our Whalehead Beach homes and our homes in Buck Island which are both the closest to Bacchus Wine and Cheese.   We have a lot of great deals on Corolla Vacation Homes- take a look now!