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Foodie Friday: Lighthouse Bagels



 Corolla NC Restaurants

This week's featured restaurant is Lighthouse Bagels and Deli. Many repeat vacationers have probably enjoyed a bagel or lunch from the #1 rated restaurant in Corolla, but today we focused on their amazing selection of freshly made donuts! Rick, Pati and their son, Ryan Dietrich have owned Lighthouse Bagels since 2001 specializing in bagels, smoothies and deli style lunches. Last year they started making donuts. They don't just make donuts. They create masterpieces. From their bacon and maple glazed to my personal favorite, The Elvis Presley, you will be wowed with whatever you choose! Just like with their bagels, I could really taste the difference in the donuts. They certainly aren't frozen or mass produced. Each bite was light and fluffy- unlike anything else I've tried on the beach!

Corolla North Carolina RestaurantsCorolla North Carolina Restuarants

  And just to add icing to the cake, Pati heard me say I wanted to come back and try their Green Smoothie and she insisted on making me one right then. It was kale, cucumber, greek yogurt, banana and honey and it was SO good! Corolla North Carolina restaurants  Next time you're in Corolla, stop in to grab a dozen bagels but make sure you also pick up some donuts. You won't regret it!   Find Lighthouse Bagels and Deli online and on Facebook.   Check out our homes in Buck Island and in Whalehead which are both in either walking or biking distance from Lighthouse. Perfect excuse to indulge in these yummy breakfast treats!   View more pictures on our Facebook page.