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Housekeeping Expert Trains CCV Staff


In preparation for the upcoming spring cleans, our housekeeping department just spent 3 days with a nationally recognized housekeeping consultant, Stephen Craig. Mr. Craig is the acting Director of Vacation Rentals Housekeeping Professionals and has been a housekeeping consultant in our industry since 1986. During that time, he has helped nearly 200 property management companies and resorts to deliver a more cost-effective and higher quality service. During his visit to Corolla Classic Vacations, Mr. Craig analyzed our entire housekeeping and laundry operation. He also spent time training our key housekeeping management staff in effective housekeeping and inspection procedures so that they can become better trainers themselves. His input was very insightful and we look forward to instituting his procedures to help our housekeepers become even more effective than they already are. We believe our housekeepers are already the best on the Outer Banks, but a little training and advice can't hurt!

Susan Mason, Nancy Russell, Stephen Craig, Amy Puma, and Nancy Beasley