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Outer Banks What To Do: Go Beyond the Beach!


On your way to Corolla most of you come though Currituck on HWY 158 heading south to the Outer Banks. It’s impossible to miss the miles and miles of farm land and the many produce stands along the way.  Have you ever actually stopped by one of those produce stands? You should! They offer amazing fresh fruits; many are locally grown! Two of the larger stops would be Grandy Greenhouse and Farm Market and  Morris Farm Market in Barco.  I try to always stop at one or the other when I am coming into town and stock up on items like peaches, corn, tomatoes, strawberries, and blueberries. Nothing tastes more like summer than fresh produce!  

Grandy Greenhouse and Farm Market Pumpkin Patch

Grandy Greenhouse and Farm Market Pumpkin Patch

Another thing I love about Currituck County and its produce is that you can go several times a year to pick your own. In October, my family heads out to Grandy Greenhouse and Farm Market to pick our own pumpkins. Then in the spring, we go to Point Harbor to pick our own strawberries. This year was no exception. In fact, it was my first big outing with both little boys. Thankfully, the littlest one slept the whole time so it made it easy! It was the perfect day for it too. I am not one to miss out on a good beach day this time of year but today was just a little too chilly for that.   The boys and I called a few friends to meet us and set out for the adventure! You can either bring your own buckets or use some that they have available. You go in through a small shed where they weigh your buckets to get a pre-weight then you are free to search out the best strawberries. I let Austin lead the way and we went up and down the many rows looking for only the biggest and most red berries. He quickly caught on that you must not waste time on ones that have any green on them. Being a take charge kind of kid, he started telling me which ones were best to pick. And soon, we had filled up our bucket. Once we decided that we were in fact finished, we went back to the shed to weigh in. After spending about an hour loading up our bucket, we checked out for less than $10! How wonderful! strawberry picking Strawberry Field   Strawberry Picking Next year when you are here for spring or fall break, don’t forget to go pick your own pumpkins and strawberries. And definitely take advantage of the many produce stands when you are driving into town.