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Outer Banks What to Do: Skydiving!


As if coming to the Outer Banks for vacation isn't memorable enough, why not ensure that it will be a vacation you will never forget: go Skydiving!

Two of our Vacation Specialist, Alicia and Kim, went to Skydive OBX to try it for themselves. Find out what they had to say about their adventure:


1) Why did you want to go skydiving?

A: It seemed like it would be the thrill of a lifetime.

K: I heard about Skydive OBX and thought, "why not!"

2)Can you describe the plane ride?

A: Nerve wracking, but cool at the same time. I got an arial tour of the area


K: The plane ride was calming for me.  I was more nervous during the car ride

to the airport.

3) What were you thinking just before you jumped?

A: That I must be crazy.

K: How awesome is this, I'm getting ready to jump out of a plane!!

4) Can you describe the view while jumping?

A: Beautiful, you could see all of Roanoke Island, and the ocean, it was


K: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!! 5) Why do you think a vacationer would want to jump?

A: To experience the trill of a lifetime.

K: The plane ride gives you a view of Oregon Inlet, Jockey's Ridge,

the Wright Memorial and more from such an awesome perspective.  Not to

mention the view when you actually jump and floating so slowly back down to

the ground was indescribable!


Leave a comment with your questions and I'll be sure to get the girls

to answer!

Alicia is ready!

Here goes Kim!

Check out that view!

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