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What is Your "Last Day at the Beach" Tradition?


Every vacation must come to an end... It's a tough reality for some, but it's true. No matter how hard it is to leave Corolla and the beautiful beach, we all try to find a special way to say goodbye. It seems that every family has a favorite way to spend the last day at the beach or those final moments before hopping in the car to head home. One last glimpse of the waves rolling in, gathering a special seashell to bring home, taking a family photo, eating at a favorite restaurant on the way home... We all have a different way to say goodbye to Corolla!

We asked our loyal guests how they choose to spend their "last day at the beach" and we were delighted with all of the fun answers. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this post on our Facebook page!

How Do You Spend Your Last Day in Corolla?

 "Always a longer day at the beach, followed by family pictures in the evening. It's always sad at the end of the day. 11 more months and we'll be back." - Barbara B

"The countdown for next year's trip begins on the last day. It's always a tough day for everyone. We always love the house that pick out and we never want to leave Corolla." - Gloria D

"Once in the car, we set the GPS for home and stop at Duck Donuts for oure breakast. Yummy!" - Kay W.

"We always have breakfast at Jolly Roger on our way out." - Dawn M.

"We make a reservation for next time!" - Mick F.

"I always bring sand home and tell the ocean goodbye." - Donna H.

"Dinner. Then wine on the deck watching the waves dance and listening to the rhythm of the sea..." -Toni W.

"Before we leave, we always get a picture of all the children (even if they're grown now) on the steps of the house." - Sydney C.

"We are already booking the house for the next year come the last day! Always a great vacation with great friends!" - Diana M.

"Last day is always the hardest part. we usually tke one last stroll on beach in evening." - Linda H.