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Outer Banks Hurricane Information

Weather in the Outer Banks NC

Weather in the Outer Banks NC

We realize that it is both a disappointment and inconvenience to have your vacation disrupted by the threat of severe weather. However, it is vital to the safety of your family that you stay informed, do what you can to secure your vacation home, take evacuation instructions seriously and cooperate fully with Corolla Classic Vacations’ staff.

TV and radio stations will be your best source for timely information. The TV stations that we recommend include:  Channel 16 (The Weather Channel), Channel 3 (WTKR), Channel 10 (WAVY), and Channel 13 (WVEC). Set your radio dial to any of the following: 92.1, 93.7, 94.5, 94.9, 95.7, 96.3, 97.1, 98.1, 98.7, 99.1, 100.5, 101.3, 102.5, 104.1, 104.9, 105.7.

When a hurricane threatens, a Mandatory Evacuation may be issued. A Mandatory Evacuation means you must vacate immediately. Corolla Classic Vacations will abide by the decisions of the Currituck County Emergency Management System.  We will attempt to notify each house when an evacuation has been ordered. However, it is ultimately up to you to stay abreast of developments and take responsibility for your family and belongings. Weather is often idyllic just before a storm, but hurricanes can change course virtually at the last minute and conditions can deteriorate in a matter of hours, making travel treacherous and frightening.

Tips for vacationing during hurricane season:

  • Fill up your car and keep the tank topped off. If an evacuation order is issued, lines at gas stations will become very long. Valuable travel time may be lost waiting in gas lines.
  • Discuss where you will go if an evacuation is declared. Information on the opening of inland hurricane shelters will be broadcast on local radio stations. Please be aware that hurricane shelters will not allow you to bring in your pets.
  • Plot your route ahead of time. If you plan to stay in a hotel, consider reservations, just in case. During an evacuation inland hotels fill up fast.
  • When packing, stay calm. Organize your group and assign everyone a task. Take all personal belongings with you, as re-entry is not guaranteed. Secure all windows and doors to your vacation home.
  • Please notify the office once you leave, so that our records are accurate. Hang onto your keyless entry code in case you can get back into your home once the evacuation is lifted. If you purchased travel insurance, the company will require us to verify that you did actually evacuate.

Corolla Classic Vacations’ office will not be staffed until a mandatory evacuation is officially lifted. Monitor local radio stations and follow instructions from local law enforcement officials regarding re-entry to the Outer Banks.

If you purchased travel insurance from Red Sky Travel Insurance, go to TripPreserver or call 866-889-7409 for assistance (office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. You’ll be asked for your product number, which is 11TVL4476000 Trip Preserver. The operator will confirm your enrollment and guide you; be prepared to send a copy of your lease and copies of any expenses incurred during evacuation. Click here for a Trip Interruption Claim Required Documents Checklist .

Most of all, please be safe and stay informed. We will do our best to answer any questions that you have. If we are not available, please consult the list below.

Currituck County Emergency Management Department – Mary Beth Newns, Director (252-232-2115, ext. 6013 /; Rebecca Christenbury, Program Assistant (252-232-2115, ext. 6012 / After hours contact: 252-232-2216.

Ambulance Service Emergency – Dial 911.

Corolla Fire and Rescue Squad – (252) 453-3242

NOAA / National Hurricane Center

The Weather Channel

North Carolina Department of Transportation