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Outer Banks Thanksgiving 2012


Thanksgiving week has become a very popular week on the Outer Banks of NC. People have caught on that our weather is typically fabulous and beaches aren't crowded. One of the draws to vacationing during Thanksgiving is that you can get the whole family together in a large house. No flipping coins to see who will cook and no trying to find beds for all out-of-town guests. Not to mention the beautiful backdrop on the beach!  

The view from Sea Schack OH19


Some people might worry that nothing is open here or that it's too much hassle to bring all of your groceries. Well, a lot of restaurants are still open (or will re-open for the holiday) and I've already talked to Harris Teeter's manager who is preparing for all of our visitors by stocking the shelves with plenty of items for Turkey Day! It's not only the grocery stores that are preparing. Our housekeeping and maintenance staff have been busy checking each home and paying special attention to cooking appliances, fireplaces and cleanliness, so that you can have the most enjoyable vacations possible. We want you to be able to relax! Speaking of relaxing. if you'd rather skip the whole day of cooking you have the option of ordering in your food pre-made . Tommy's Market  offers fresh natural and organic free range turkeys as well as other sides and desserts. I can tell you from personal experience that it's absolutely delicious!  

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