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Corolla Short Stay Rentals

Short Term Stays | Corolla Vacation Rentals in NC

Many of our Corolla vacation homes allow short-stay rentals!

Short stay rentals are only offered during the shoulder and off-seasons and require a 3-night minimum reservation. Reservations for short stay rentals can be made no sooner than 14 days prior to check- in.  To calculate a partial reservation, divide the weekly rental rate by 4 and multiply by 3 (plus taxes and applicable fees).  

Browse our Vacation Homes that offer Short Stay rentals: 


Sand Goodies PI128

Laughing Dolphin PI248

Beach Music PI251

Stargazer BU71

The Pilothouse 4013

Tale of the Whale 423

Sea Cure 484

Pleasure Island 495

Azure Dreamin' 203

Seven Buoys OH6

Beach Haven OH17

Yinz're @ the Beach VOH4

Wish You Were Here VOH10

Semi Oceanfront 

The Beach House PI148

Sweet Spot PI154

Whim-Sea PI184

Second Wind PI92

Where Aye Wanna BEach OS5

Over the Rainbow 401

Corolla Gold 434

Seas the Day 445

An Ocean Song 448

An Ocean State of Mind 475

Star of the Sea 483

Pura Vida 485

Fore Decs 487

Ba Da Bing 493

Millenium Sunrise 4031

On The Lam OH9

Beach Waggin' OH14

High Adventure 807

A Hungarian Rhapsody 808 


Palm Pines PI36

A Beach Attitude 4017

Eden Found OL7

Crown Jewel OS2

Summer Splendor OS6

Beach Time OS12

Bikini Bottom 4000

Cabana Heaven 400

Endless Fun 4014

Scrimshaw 409

Island Dream 418

Second Impulse 427

Endless Summer 430

Unbelieveable 450

The Good Stuff 456

Parrothead Cay 459

Ocean Breeze 464

Life is Good 465

Linger-A-While 467


Opus I 471

Flights of Fancy 478

Fun In The Sun 486

Summer Dream 491

Jumping Jack Splash 499

Dogs on the Beach MS2

Oh So Grateful CB1

Naut in Kansas CB5

Kite Tales CB38

Sandy Toes CB39

Dream Catcher CB40

Stargate 3

Soak Up The Sun 7

Cohasset II 645

Rudi's Retreat 664

Scooby Dunes 670

Aegean Odyssey 726

Pelican Haven 741

Golden Days 743

Sea Glass OH2

Dune Deck OH5

Carolina Daydreamin' OH8

Jewel of the Deep VOH1

Sandcastle VOH6

Seaside Sea Esta VOH9


Shore Break 507

Welcome to the Fish Bowl 525

Sunshine Daydream 571

Emotional Rescue Too CV4


On Valentine Pond 554

Search all of our Vacation Rentals and call our office to make reservations for Short Stay Rentals.