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  Recently I was invited to a private Sip N Dip party to celebrate a friend. I was very hesitant about it. I had heard a little about “sip n dips” and all I knew was that there was painting and wine involved.

Meet Amber! She worked with us for the summer of 2010 while she was attending college and we are so happy that she is with us  again full time!  I asked her some questions about her and her favorite things in Corolla.

The 2nd Annual Housekeeping Training & Appreciation Luncheon took place at the Golden Corral in Elizabeth City on Saturday, April 21st. About 50 both new and long time housekeeping crews attended. A Buffet brunch was provided, complete with a chocolate fountain!

On your way to Corolla most of you come though Currituck on HWY 158 heading south to the Outer Banks. It’s impossible to miss the miles and miles of farm land and the many produce stands along the way.  Have you ever actually stopped by one of those produce stands?