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Corolla Classic Vacations recently stopped by the Beach Food Pantry in Kitty Hawk to deliver their annual donation. The mission of the Beach Food Pantry is to provide nutritional assistance to Dare County residents in a temporary crisis or emergency situation.

If you are like most women, bathing suit shopping is something you dread. The lights are always horrible, sizing varies a ton and styles are always changing! It was particularly hard for me this year because I had my second son in April.

First of all, I am not a writer and I don't have a background in marketing. I was a teacher before I started at Corolla Classic Vacations last summer.  What started as a summer job turned into much more and I decided to stay with the company.

For this week's "What To Do", my husband and I packed up the kids and headed over to Currituck Heritage Park in Corolla with our picnic basket in hand.  I drive past the park every day on my way to work, but I have never actually been there.

Outer Banks vacation rental homes are more than just a home away from home.  They are a place where people make memories that last a lifetime. Some guests have yearly vacations while others come for a once in a lifetime experience.

The storm last night left the beach breeze and cooler. Temps are in the mid 70's and the sky is as blue as ever! It's not the best day for a swim in the ocean but it should calm down soon. The rest of the week looks great.