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The sun is peaking through the skies! If you've been following my posts, you know that it has been cloudy here on the Outer Banks of NC for more than a week now. We are beyond thrilled to see the blue! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

I wish there was more to report from the Outer Banks of NC. The weather is the same today as it's been for the last 7 days. It's gray, windy and the ocean is huge. Currently in Corolla, NC it is 54 with winds coming out of the north making it feel a lot cooler.

We've made it to Thanksgiving week! We had a lot of guests checking in over the weekend and still more coming in over the next couple of days. I wish I could report better weather but unfortunately the forecast is turning true for The Outer Banks of NC.

Unfortunately it's another dismal day in Corolla, NC. The combination of high winds and a lunar time is creating very high tides on the beach and with the cold wind coming off the ocean it's not a great day for anything oceanfront.

Thanksgiving week has become a very popular week on the Outer Banks of NC. People have caught on that our weather is typically fabulous and beaches aren't crowded.

When I took this picture, it was 65 degrees. About 30 minutes later it had already dropped to 54! Pretty safe to say that cold front is moving through the Outer Banks, NC!

Good Monday Morning from Corolla, NC! Yesterday was a dreary day with lots of rain and chilly temps. Thankfully today is beautiful! High is 50 and low is 39. The water is 59.