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Last weekend was the annual OBX Wedding Expo where vendors from all over the beach come together to showcase what they have to offer to brides who choose to hold their special day on the Outer Banks. It's a super fun event and an absolute MUST for any bride who is even considering her wedding here.

We had an amazing turn out for our 2013 Photo Contest with roughly 800 entries! I can’t even tell you how many pictures that I LOVED! It was great to see what others were doing on their Northern Outer Banks beach vacation. It made me forget that I was stuck in the office while you all were having a blast on your family vacations! Thank you for that!

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"3883","attributes":{"height":"315","width":"560","alt":"IPn_T01WSZI","class":"media-image media-element file-media-large"}}]] Hey! It's Mallory from Corolla Classic Vacations.